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Since 1970 the Lil General Brand has been a neighborhood favorite.

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Franchising Has never been so easy!

Store Location, Research & Selection

One of the most important aspects of running a successful business is location. Location, Location, Location. It has been proven to make a store successful. Li’l General corporate management will research a location best suited to you and the Li’l General store customers. The easy visibility, easy access and parking are essential and successful ingredients. All stores are approximately 2,500 square feet in size and are impeccably clean with an inventory mix tailored to the customers within the store market area, convenient to both walkers and motor traffic.
Li’l General will provide the assistance necessary to secure the proper equipment to merchandise a Li’l General Convenience Store. Li’l General’s buying power and the effective use of the same supplier for equipment chain wide will provide the franchisee an efficient operation from the very beginning. Also, the equipment in-store provides the store customer with a consistent picture as to what the interior and equipment are within all Li’l General store locations.

Store Equipment

Li’l General inventory is a specialized mix of different products for the convenience store customer. Li’l General’s objective is to keep the costs down yet offer a variety of special products that would appeal to a variety of people. Their deli counter, fresh produce, crisp garden salads, hot soup and coffee have greater market awareness due to their quality and freshness.

Store Inventory

Store Personnel Training

During the first month of operation, Li’l General corporate management will assist the franchisee with onsite training. This includes cash register operation, counting inventory stock, ordering replacement stock and inventory merchandising to maximize sales, and personal attention to customer needs. Each store on the average has, at a minimum, two personnel in-store at all times. The average Li’l General is family-owned and has proven to be most profitable.

Store Marketing Support

Li’l General management will assist you with the Grand Opening Event for your new store. Depending on which advertising medium is most effective in your new store market, an advertised announcement will be published and supported in-store. The franchisee fee includes monies to support the Grand Opening Event. After the Grand Opening, your store will consistently be supported by chain wide advertising. All stores pay a monthly percentage of sales, of which a percentage is utilized for an advertising program.

Franchise With Li'l General Convenience Store